About Us

California Natives is the brain-child of Alli Hietbrink. Being born and raised in the golden state helped cultivate a love for nature, arts, spirituality, humanity and social service in both Alli and her husband; values that they hope to pass on to their children and spread throughout the world. 

The motivation for the Ca Natives brand was born out of pride in our place of living. We hope to use the platform we've built to give back to our sweet state by donating 10% of all profits to various charities that work to keep California wonderful. 

Here in California, we tend to be a bit of a different breed and our brand is here to celebrate that. The social consciousness, entrepreneurial spirit, the love of fun, the freedom of expression, a sense of adventure, a spiritual desire and the passion for healthy minds & bodies is what we love about this wacky California-culture of ours. 

"I love you, California, you’re the greatest state of all.
I love you in the winter, summer, spring and in the fall.
I love your fertile valleys; your dear mountains I adore.
I love your grand old ocean and I love her rugged shore."

- Francis Beatty Silverwood, 1913